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SAO Gun Gale Online - Tall or Short?

[Image: attachment.php?aid=21]

I really like the real version of Llenn, Karen. She's tall but pretty. While Llenn her character in gun gale online is so cute. I wonder which one of them is the best as waifu. LOL Smile

Anyway, this anime is really great if you haven't watched the SAO series you can still watch this anime because it's a different story, still the system of the games is still the same. 

The fun and exciting PVP is still there and the monster fighting always fascinates me. I wonder if she will also encounter swordsman people like Kirito from the main character of SAO who tried using a sword at Gun Gale Online. Since she is fast and agile I think she will be a good swordsman or assassin that uses a knife.

Watch Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online here.


I prefer short! LOL. but in reality you should choose someone who will love you for what you are and for who you are. A girl who will respect and love you as much as you do. :)
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Tall or Short I think they're both cute and pretty. I like this anime as well. Here our place being tall is amazing.
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As long as you're happy with her is all that matter.
Of course she deserve to get happiness as well from your love and efforts.
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Llenn is so cute!!! she's so funny and how she cares for P-chan is kawaii!!
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