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One Punch Man - Best Quotes!
Quote:"Mother Earth is a Life Form Itself, and you human scum are nothing but a virus eating away at her life energy."
- Vaccine Man (One-Punch Man - Manga Chapter 1)
I like this quote because somehow its true because of the illegal loggers, illegal mining, and pollution everywhere.

Quote:"Having and overwhelming power is boring as hell."
- Saitama (One-Punch Man - Manga Chapter 3)
I agree with Saitama, it's like cheating on a game at first its fun but later on its boring as hell.
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I'm a fan of Saitama as well! He is so cool!
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(07-14-2018, 06:25 AM)Michaelwar Wrote: Sino dito nanunuod ng One punch man? Tara tambay tayo at mag kwentuhan. Haha.

Pinaka favorite ko yung part na may lamok.. akala ko talaga mahihirapan si Saitama dun kasi 
halos wala nang natira kay Genos. Pero yun nga parang lamok lang din ang pag patay ni Saitama! LOL
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