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The Story Behind your Username?
[Image: attachment.php?aid=31]

As for me its from my real name, Rhisel May. :)

How about you guys?

If I were in Hell and you were in Heaven, I'd always look up and be proud of you.
But, if I were in Heaven and you were in Hell, I'd ask God to send me down,
because Heaven isn't Heaven Without You
Mine is from anime character named Laxus of FairyTail he is very strong and cool...
[Image: laxus_signature_by_vikingterminate-d5qmna4.png]
It's from my favorite anime character of Natsume-book of friends. He is really fun sometimes he acts selfish, arrogant, and troublemaker, but deep inside he is a softhearted character and very kind.
"You don’t have any obligations to help out everyone."
—  Nyanko-sensei, Natsume Yuujinchou

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