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Hello potential new friends!

:embarrassed3: HELLO PEOPLE :emb1:
My name is Andrew and i love playing video games (mainly RPGs) and watching anime (mainly Romance) I hope that we can get along and talk about all kinds of things feel free to ask me anything about anything and i hope that you will let me do the same (and by anything i mean anything from what my favorite colour is to where the best place to hide a body is) i am very open about lots of things and love a good discussion so yeah nice to meet ya 
:hi: Mrburns Welcome to Animefused! ^____^ I also like RPG games, RPG anime and RPG manga!
nice to know you mrburns!
[Image: darkdangem_sig.png]
Hello sir, welcome
[Image: jessa_signature.png]
Welcome Mr.Burns! have fun here!
MrBurns can you put your favorite top anime list in Romance genre sir?

in our Anime Corner. MY ANIME TOP LIST because I'd like to know it sir.
Im sure many people would also want to know your top list of romance anime.
I have watched already Maid-sama anime and it was really nice and lovely.
My favorite part was when Misaki confess to Usui. :love:
[Image: darkdangem_sig.png]
Hello welcome mrburns Have fun staying here!

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