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My Top 5 Romance Anime

I'm not really good at this type of thing so yeah enjoy   :good:

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5. Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai -Kemia Katsuragi is the God of Conquest he can conquer any girls heart in games and he gets tricked into helping a naive demon and must now conquer real life 3D girls. I really enjoy it i think its funny with some feeling here or there not to many but if you do watch it they do skip an entire arc so be careful (7/10 would watch again)

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4.Sakurasou no pet na kanjo -  Sorata Kanda after keeping stray kittens he is forced to live in Sakura Hall a dorm know for its special characters he is tasked with looking after Mashiro Shiina who is a world class artist who wants to become a manga artist. Great anime really nice story with lots of humor and good animation it is indeed a great romance anime. (7.5/10)

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3. Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai - Kodaka Hasegawa gets mistaken for a delinquent a lot due to his blond hair and intimidating expression after meeting Yozora they form the neighbors club its mission to help those who don't have friends though its mainly because they wants friends. I really like the MC and most of the characters and its got nice animation  (9/10 would make friends again)

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2.Kaichou wa Maid-sama! - Ayuzawa is the first female president in a previous all boys school she has the title demon president but she hides a embarrassing secret she works at a maid cafe to help pay the bills and after getting discovered by Usui the most popular boy in school she fears he will destroy her reputation but instead he uses it to get closer to her. Great show really love Usui and Ayuzawa its funny and i think they match well together (9.5/10 would pet Usui again)

[Image: 49459.jpg]
1. Yahari ore no seishum love comedy wa machigatteiru - Hachiman Hikigaya he firmly believes that joyful youth is nothing but a farce his teacher forces him to join the volunteer service club a club that lends a helping hand to any student who asks and there he meets Yukino the ice queen together they solve students problems but will Hachimans view on life be a tool or merely a weight holding them down. Best romance anime i watched love Hachiman love Yukino love the teacher i love everyone it has great animation good story really just great anime so go watch it now you made it through the horrible list now so go watch a great anime (10/10 would give up on youth again)


Thank you for sitting through my list as bad as it must be i'm sorry but now you have 5 romance anime to watch :bye1:

I almost did a top 10 because i couldn't decide 
Wow this is cool mrburns, I have watched the Sakurasou no pet na kanjo and its really fun to watch,
Mashiro here is very innocent :aha:  but still very  fun especially when they are making a special game for school.  :bye2:
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I like maid-sama she is cute and her sister is very funny! I also love Tora-dora love story.  :wew:
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I have watched "maid-sama" and  "I don't have many friends".

My favorite part in "I dont have many friends" is when they play RPG games its so cool and funny,
Also Im planning to watch its movie adaptation this weekend. :happy:
I'll try watching this list sometime, Though I really much prefer ecchi and harem romance anime.  :pretty:
I just remembered "Lovely Complex" is quite fun too, and the well-known anime now "Your Name" is one of the best!    :shy:
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