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What Can you Say About - Tanya Degurechaff (Youjo Senki)

[Image: tumblr_ojqrctCjxw1shmkc9o1_540.gif]
Tanya Degurechaff

[Image: tumblr_olw70xV2Vx1shmkc9o2_r1_500.gif]
(Some cute side of Tanya)

Anime "Youjo Senki" is very unique and its not suited for many people, everyone loves an anime where the main characters do good things, unlike "Youjo Senki" it has a little bit of Death-Note anime where the protagonist has some similar roles.

The only thing that Irks me is the design of their faces. I hope the graphic artist will pay more attention about it. But I still enjoyed it. LOL

As for Tanya, I really like her the design really suites to her character. Those cute eyes that turns into a devil and sometimes very enchanting really strikes me. Her voice is too cute that sometimes I want to pat her head. Her wise strategy and commanding skills is also amazing. That's why I don't understand why people's grumble with it.

[Image: Tanya.png]
[Image: darkdangem_sig.png]
She's pretty badass and super genius but only few respected here because of her young age.
[Image: lightyagami.jpg]

She has the quality of a big Boss!!! Powerful, Intimidating, Faith in his subordinates, and concern for his subordinates = Respect!
[Image: jessa_signature.png]
Imagine when she grows up, I think her fans will stampede and respect her like a mafia boss.
She is so small and she has a high pitch funny tone. That's why I like her more.
[Image: rentoot.jpg]
(02-24-2018, 07:44 AM)Rentoot Wrote: She is so small and she has a high pitch funny tone. That's why I like her more.

I also agree that she is really funny and cute!!!  Confused
[Image: darkdangem_sig.png]

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